Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photos for Craft Show Applications

I try to do 15-20 craft shows per year.  I also try to stay within an hour of home or within an hour of where my kids live (they get a visit from Mom!) -- that combination gives me a broad area to choose my shows from.

Most juried applications ask for photos of my work -- I try to show a variety of my items.  The third photo is one that we print and give to customers at craft shows, especially those who indicate that they are or know prospective brides.

 I usually have to provide a photo or two of my display -- it can be tricky because my display changes from show to show. It was specifically designed to be very flexible, allowing me to modify the arrangement to best suit my space.  All the main elements are shown in these photos -- my tables are skirted with tablecloths and earrings hang on the racks.  I also offer necklaces and within the next month, hope to begin offering bracelets.  The flowers in my display are changed to fit the season.

Some applications also request photos of my work in progress -- we came up with this:

Sometimes applying to craft shows can be a real adventure -- enjoy the ride!!