Thursday, March 13, 2014

Got a job!!

After 4 1/2 months of searching and dozens (and dozens) of job applications, we are thrilled to tell you that Mr K has a job!  

It happened quite suddenly.  Within only a week, he applied, had 3 interviews and got a job offer.  We don't personally believe in "chance" ... we believe that God directs our lives by giving us opportunities (doors) that open and close.  And this door opened for us!  The job is a great fit for his abilities and we hope that this commission-based job will offer some great future benefits.  

The most exciting (and daunting) part of it is that we will be moving.  This weekend.  Yes ... we have a week to get packed and ready to move.  Actually, we still own a house -- that little "fixer upper" we bought but haven't finished fixing up.  We will close it up and leave it behind for now while planning to come back at a later time and finish it enough to sell.  Our move will take us to live near family in Denver, CO, which this Grammy is very excited for!  In the first weeks, we will stay with family while we hunt for an apartment.

We have many details to handle and much to be done before Mr K starts working March 19.  Because we don't really know what our apartment will be like, we're only taking the bare necessities for now -- but what are the necessities?  I'm not sure what would have been easier -- packing the basics or packing the whole house!  The idea of "necessities" has been hard to define with many decisions being made in the packing process.  Sleep is optional.  ;)

We are grateful for those who have prayed for and supported and encouraged us these last few months.  It's been awesome to see God work!  Thank you if you have prayed!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Fallen of the face of the earth

At least, it seems like I have fallen off the face of the earth.  

Let's just say that in the last few months, my life journey has had some bumps in the road.  The biggest bump has been that on Oct 28, my husband lost his job.  No warning.  No notice.  No severance.  They were unnecessarily harsh.  This is not some big corporation -- this is a "mom and pop" business -- and "pop" was supposed to be my husband's closest friend.  My husband had taken the job to manage the business, but that never materialized and poor management by the owner lead to cutbacks.  We were stunned at the loss of the job and have grieved the loss of the friendship.

As difficult as it's been, God has been faithful to provide.  Somehow, when we really need something, the resources are there.  Some things have been little, some have been big -- but all needs have been met.  

Mr K has been looking for work and that's been tough.  There are a lot of people out there without jobs and he's not as young as he used to be.  He's applied for at least 80 jobs with few nibbles.  We do battle discouragement from time to time but we also know that God has a plan.  It's a test of patience some days but there IS something out there for us.  Can't give up the hunt.  

I've also applied for several jobs, but no doors have been opened for me.  For our first 3 months, we both looked exclusively in the area where we live but in the past couple weeks, we've begun looking in the areas where our children live.  There have been some wonderful jobs here -- but nothing resulted from our applications -- so maybe God is trying to move us along.  

We've been asking those of our friends who pray to keep us in mind -- can use all the prayer cover we can get!  Specifically, one or both of us need jobs and we need continued provision for our needs.  Unemployment is nice but it's less than half of what he was bringing home from his job and it doesn't cover everything.

We appreciate your prayers -- more than I can say.  I'll try to keep you posted as things develop.  Thank you.