Friday, September 13, 2013

Freaky Friday

Yep ... it's Friday the 13th!  I'm not inclined to be superstitious .. so I almost didn't even notice.  But just for fun, let's make today's coupon code especially for Friday the 13th.  How about using the code "FreakyFriday" to get 13% off your order of $13 or more??!!  Have fun with that!!

And the offer still stands on Facebook ... if you "share" the post I make about today's special, you'll get an entry into a drawing for a free pair of earrings.  But remember that you have to be following my page in order for me to see your "share".

If you make a purchase, you'll get 3 entries into the earring drawing .. which will be Sunday. 

This is my last coupon day .. so don't miss out!!

Have an awesome weekend ... and a great Freaky Friday!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thriller Thursday

For those of you on Etsy, how do you come up with the names for your coupon codes?  I personally like alliteration.  MondayMania.  WednesdayWhimsy.  But coming up with something for Thursday kinda stumped me.  ThankfulThursday?  Well, I'm thankful every day ... so maybe not.  ThoughtfulThursday?  Once again, it's good to be thoughtful every day.  I wanted to communicate excitement ... enthusiasm.  A trip to the dictionary (yes, I actually looked through the "th" section) .. and voila!!  Thrill!  An excellent word!  Because I also have a sense of rhythm, I went with ThrillerThursday.

Today's special in my Etsy shop?  Get 10% off your purchase of $25 or more!!  Use coupon code ThrillerThursday.  Go to: 

Like me on Facebook and share today's post, you'll be entered a drawing (Sunday) for a free pair of earrings!  If you place an order, you'll get 3 entries!  
Tomorrow will be my last coupon day ... so don't delay!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today's Special

When I was growing up, I lived near a very small town.  My mom frequently shopped at the little A&P grocery store in town.  They often ran a series of daily specials ... usually something fresh.  Maybe it was overstocked or maybe they just wanted to know what their shoppers were most interested in .. I was too young to analyze these things.  But it was always called "Today's Special".

Well, Gentle Adornments is running a series of specials this week ... and "Today's Special" is free domestic (US) shipping with a purchase of $20 or more!  Use coupon code "WednesdayWhimsy"!

I'll be posting this on my Facebook page ... if you "Share" that post, you'll be entered in a drawing for a pair of earrings.
In order for me to see the "share", you have to "like" my page.
The drawing will be Sunday and orders placed this week will all be shipped on Monday. 

So go!  Shop!  These special offers won't last long!!  Check it out at:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Special Special Week!

I don't have a craft show this Saturday ... and since I don't want to sit around and get bored *cough* I think I'll offer some special deals!
Starting today at noon (US eastern time), I'll post a new coupon code for my Etsy shop.  Today's special will be 5% off everything in my shop and the code is:

Are you following me on Facebook?  I'll post the code there too.  And just to sweeten the pot, I'll be doing a giveaway this week!  "Share" my code post and get 1 entry into a drawing for a new pair of earrings ... but you have to be friends with me in order for me to see the "share".  So stop on by my Facebook page:
Share the code, then hop over to my Etsy shop and do a little browsing:

One entry per person per day for sharing.  I'll post a new coupon code every day until Friday ... so don't miss out!  

If you'd like even more chances to win a pair of earrings, I'll be giving 3 entries to everyone who makes a purchase!  The drawing will be Sunday and all orders placed this week will ship on Monday. 

So y'all have an awesome week, ya hear!!