Saturday, April 18, 2009

Woohoo! Craft Show Coming!!

April 25 (next Saturday) is my first craft show of the 2009 season. I am particularly looking forward to this one – because it’s a different type of show from the normal.

There are many similarities in craft shows. Most of those who attend my craft shows are women, age 45+. They tend to either be crafty themselves or they are supporters of whatever organization/school is sponsoring the show. I’m not sure if I’m reading them correctly, but I often get the feeling that only a few are professional/career women. Most of the shows I'm involved in these days are juried and there is heavy emphasis on artwork and handmade crafts. The typical craft show appeals to a fairly specific market segment.

But this show is different. The theme is "What Women Want" and it is more of a business expo that includes local crafters (as in home-based businesses). Most of the well known home party companies will be represented as will a number of area merchants. I expect to see representation from local eateries, floral shops, boutiques and spas. Demonstrations are planned throughout the day. One of the highlights is the focus on the local Chocolatiers (yes, this show is sounding more and more decadent all the time!).

I plan to keep a close eye on the demographics – because although I’ve been doing craft shows for a several years, I’m not convinced that it reaches my best market segment. And, as with my new Etsy shop, I’ve tweaked a few things and made a few small changes. I’m hoping that the uniqueness of this show (and it’s broader appeal) will provide me with some very important market information .... we’ll see!!

Oh, and if you’re in the area, it’s at the Sunnyview Exposition Center, Oshkosh WI and the show runs from 10-4.
Love to see you there!!


april said...

well?!!! How did it go?!!!!!!
I hope you did well! I did a craft show once, and while I barely sold anything, I still had a fabulous time meeting people and being out in front of folks!