Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today, I'm trying ...

... to catch up! In the past couple months, we've put close to 15000 miles on and my bum feels every one! I'm also working on a couple new design ideas for my jewelry business and I'm getting ready for my last craft show of the year this weekend.

I've actually been avoiding Etsy a bit. I've had some ideas for new designs working around my head but I didn't want to be influence by anyone else's work. I don't know that the designs will be really novel -- you can only do so many things with a particular combination of materials -- but they will be as individual as I can make them.

I've done several craft shows this fall -- some have been wonderful, others not so much. Last weekend was a bit of a disappointment except for one thing --I sold a whole wedding! I've made jewelry for brides before or made earrings for a wedding party but haven't done a whole wedding -- so I'm EXCITED about it!

And this week, I'm trying to get some loose ends tied up -- our weather has been way too nice but it won't last much longer. So I'm trying to do some of the outdoor things I've been putting off. Also starting to think about Thanksgiving -- I'm doing a lot of cooking next week -- just thinking about it is making my mouth water! I'll post more about our menu and even a recipe or two later this week.