Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh Man! I Forgot ... Again!!

In January, my husband had the opportunity to go to the International Home Builders Show in Las Vegas.   Builders, like my husband, attend this show to see the newest innovations and technology being used in the construction industry and it covers all phases of construction from design to completion.  Exhibitors pay thousands to hundreds of thousands for their space for this 4 day show.   We have encountered some specific problems on our current project and Keith wanted to see what kinds of solutions were available, since there is usually more than one solution.  Why would a vendor, who has spent thousands of dollars for a booth, have people working for them who spent all their time on their cell phones?  Keith knew he wanted to talk to several companies but at a couple booths, the people were on their cell phones and made no effort to interact with customers.  In fact, Keith returned to these booths a couple times and no one would talk to him ... because they were on their cell phones.

We've attended other types of shows and had the same experiences -- people who are supposed to be there to answer questions, take our money or tell us about their product -- but they weren't available because they were on the phone.

When you are selling at a craft show, and there is anyone remotely near your booth, STAY OFF THE PHONE!!  If you are on the phone, you WILL lose sales... and aren't sales the reason you're there?


Graceful Moments said...

Excellent point! Nothing is worse than being ignored by a salesperson who is on the an exhibit or in a store!

pfd said...

So very true... it is so annoying. That is why they have booths to show case their wares and interact with customers. (But what did you forget?)

gentle adornments said...

I really should have included it on my list from yesterday... can't win 'em all! :)