Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to work!!

I've been gone for awhile ... not just from blogging but from home.  My husband and I are in a ministry and our income relies on financial support from churches and individuals who believe in the importance of what we do (constructing buildings for very small congregations).  We're taking some time off our regularly scheduled work for a break we call "furlough".  Make no mistake ... furlough is NOT a vacation!  We plan to visit our supporting churches, make some major repairs on our RV (which we live in full time, any weather), try to raise some additional financial support and get caught up on a few things that are difficult to do when we're building.  We'll get a little time for family and fun too and our youngest daughter is getting married in June.  Our last couple projects have had some extra challenges -- so a little rest is in order as well.

So, for our first trip, we had to go to Florida to speak to a couple of our churches ... not that we minded!  When we left home in February, the snow was up to our thighs -- the sun was a welcome change!!  We were several weeks in the sunny south, then headed to New Mexico to spend a few days with our niece and her family.  From there, we made our way to Denver where we spent a couple weeks with our daughter and her family.  We got to celebrate our granddaughter's 7th birthday and had a blast with the grandkids!  Our granddaughter returned to Michigan with us for her 2011 Grandma Tour (she got to see 3 of her 4 grandmas) and we met the kids in Omaha to return our granddaughter to her parents.  We're finally back home, settling in to some routine and trying to get some things picked off the "to do" list.  

Hopefully, in the weeks ahead, I'll be sharing some of the business changes and updates we're making and I'll throw in a few tidbits about the wedding plans.  May will see us traveling to visit several more churches and the season's first craft show is coming up.  I may be looking for input from some of you too -- how is the economy changing your business?  Are you doing anything differently?  I think our creativity is going to be put to the test -- not our artistic creativity, but the business side of doing what we do.  Gonna be an interesting ride!!!