Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's In a Name? Part 6

Last year, on June 26, I posted part 5 of a series I was working on that journaled my crafting business journey.  That was about the time that I got busy .. no, BUSY with my summer and when I got back to blogging, I didn't realize I had a few loose ends.

I changed my business name last year and outlined the reasons in the post:

Having come to the conclusion that I needed to change my business name, next came the task of finding one.  What kind of name did I want?  What did I want it to say?  How would I ever find anything unique?  I thought about the type of jewelry I make -- it's delicate, petite, elegant, made with crystals, pearls and semi-precious stones.  I make what I like and I'm not a flashy person so most of my work is small.  My name should reflect that.  When someone sees my name and sees my work, they shouldn't be surprised.  I have a word processing program with a thesaurus -- so the hunt began!  First I made a list of words I thought described my work as well as the word "jewelry" -- then I went to the thesaurus and found all the synonyms.  By the time I got done with my list, I must have had nearly 80 words.  I began putting them together in different combinations -- any combinations.  My list got very long -- over 100 possible names.  Now to pare it down.  I began eliminating names that I just didn't like or didn't really make sense or didn't have a good rhythm (I'm musical -- the cadence of a phrase has to be comfortable or melodic to me -- my kids names are the same way).  I got down to about 25 decent possibilities.

I took that list of 25 names and started looking for them on the internet.  I googled the names to see if any businesses came up anywhere.  Then I checked at Etsy.  Then at yahoo and a couple other email providers.  Those efforts eliminated about 20 names.  Of the 5 remaining, I could eliminate 2 because they weren't my favorites.  With only 3 names left, I went to my groups on Cafe Mom and asked for opinions.  I talked to family and friends to see which ones they liked.  Got some interesting feedback.  My 3 names were Gentle Adornments, Baublemania and Lark Song Designs.  I got them all at Etsy -- I'd liked another name earlier but someone else got it just before I tried -- didn't want that to happen again.  There IS a Baublemania, but it's a store in England -- figured I could work around that.  At the time, I was really leaning toward Lark Song, but there is a music group by that name so I would HAVE to add Designs.  In the feedback, someone also made the observation that it sounded Native American.  I don't have  any problem with Native American, but that doesn't really reflect my work

I've known for some time that I was interested in doing more with brides and wedding jewelry and I felt that Gentle Adornments sounded a bit more "bridal".  It's also a bit more flexible than Baublemania -- if I want to add some other type of craft to my Etsy shop, I can do so without sounding out of place.  Lark Song on Etsy actually belongs to my cousin, but she would have let me have it if I'd wanted it.  So I settled on Gentle Adornments, bought some graphics and launched my new shop.  The graphics .. that's another story!


Anonymous said...

Honestly, that is my favorite! It really fits your jewelry...a great choice!