Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On The Hunt

I've been doing a lot of treasuries lately on Etsy.  It's fun.  It helps give exposure to my Etsy friends and some other shops.  It's sort of a "win-win" for all involved.

My current treasury is in shades of green -- and if you look from the upper left corner to the lower right, you might notice that the color get gradually darker.  Most of the sellers featured this time are from my TeamCAC and CASTTeam groups (Team Christian Artists and Crafters and Christian Artists Street Team).   We are getting a snowstorm -- all those fresh greens were a great reminder that spring really will come sometime.

I love the "hunt" for new treasuries.  I have my next treasury already chosen and most of the one after that.  Some treasuries are based on color -- such as the current one in greens or one I did a couple weeks ago in soft grays with a touch of peach.  But other times, they're based on some sort of theme -- like one I did a few weeks ago using images that represented elements of the classic movie "Gaslight".  From time to time, I hope that a treasury will appear on Etsy's front page (as some do) ... but it hasn't happened yet.  But I enjoy the "hunt" ... so it doesn't really matter.  Watch for my next treasury ... I don't think you'll be disappointed... it's quite personal and some of the selections are moving.


Anonymous said...

Treasuries are a lot of fun! great selections on yours too!