Monday, January 25, 2010

Not This Time

I wasn't able to go to the bridal shows this weekend ... but it seems to be show season and there are several more coming up over the next few weeks.  I have some second chances!

I continue to think about the pros and cons of doing bridal shows ... and what I would have to do to get prepared for them.  Some of my questions will be answered when I can attend a couple more shows ... and some answers may just be within me.   I don't feel very confident sometimes and need something or someone to give me a nudge ... once I'm doing it, I'm fine ... it's just uncertainty that holds me back from trying.   I am blessed to have some brave people around me who have confidence in me when my self-assurance fails.

The next show I attend, I do need to talk to the hair stylists there.  I've been wanting to add crystal and pearl hair adornments to my product line.  I'm wondering if they have preferences about things:  do they prefer combs or pins?  do they prefer metal or plastic combs?  do they prefer the old fashioned hair pins or bobby pins?  do they prefer attachments wired on or glued .. or both?  I haven't done a lot of these things yet, but if I'm going to put the effort into practicing, I want to use products preferred by the people who will be using them.  It's weird sometimes what I lay in bed and think about!!  :)