Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Holiday Adventures

No great epiphanies here ... just a glimpse of life. It all flew by so fast, it's actually kinda nice to sit and reflect on all we did!

We left WI to head for MI on Dec 18. In the days leading up to that, I was finishing Christmas cards, baking, doing laundry, packing and trying to tie up lots of little loose ends. On the 16th, our frig died -- but since we live in the parking lot of the church we're building (and their kitchen is done) I put everything in the
church frig -- my husband was so busy with work (and finishing up HIS loose ends) and he when he couldn't find the problem quick, it was really nice to have a back up! So we left after work on Friday. 7 hours later, we arrived at our daughter's house -- it's for sale and no one lives there, but we've had a bed there so we could stay.
Dec 19 - we slept in a bit, having gotten to bed around 3 am. Caught a fast food breakfast (because there's really nothing in the house except our bed ... literally) then did a bit of quick shopping. G
ot to our son's place about 11 -- they were moving from one apartment that day to another one -- with lots more space. We helped with unloading the first load of boxes and furniture and I set about to unpack the kitchen boxes. Later, my parents came (from 100 miles away) and we celebrated my father's 80th birthday by going to one of our favorite local restaurants, then back to the new apartment where our daughter-in-law, Amanda, had grandpa's cake ready. There were the typical balloons, presents and singing. Our bed had gotten moved that day -- and we fell into it that night, exhausted.
Dec 20 - got a little later start than we wanted so missed the Morning Service at church, but made the Adult Bible Fellowship. Lunch out. Back to the apartment for more unpacking and watching football.
Dec 21 - More unpacking. Grocery shopping. Christmas shopping. Finished gift wrapping. Tried to make dinner in the new apt but the oven quit in the middle of baking. New stove needed.
Dec 22 - Went up north (100 miles) to my parent's house. Keith had a shop project and I did cookie baking. On the way, we had some work done to our car -- it has over 250,000 miles and is still goin
g strong! Want to keep it that way. New stove arrived at the apt.
Dec 23 - Shop projects and cookies continued until late afternoon. Then we went to my brother-in-law's house for dinner with his whole family. Very nice evening -- really had a good time. Until one of the little guys bumped heads with another -- lost 2 teeth along with needing stitches. But it was late enough for us to be leaving. Had that 100 mile drive back to our son's and an ice storm was threatening.

Dec 24 - I spent the day in the kitchen preparing for Christmas dinner -- made apple pie, blueberry pie, squash rolls, and my famous stuffing -- made with cornbread, sausage and apples. Also made the breakfast casseroles for Christmas morning breakfast. Squeezed in a couple loads of laundry too. Amanda's family arrived and helped make fixings for Christmas Eve dinner. My parents arrived. Everyone beat the worst of the ice storm and we were all together. Normally on Christmas Eve, we go out after dinner and look at light -- too much ice so we had to forego it for this year. Some of us stayed up late and played games. There was a little "Santa business" to finish too. Oh, and yes ... the kids hosted Christmas in a place they'd only moved in to 5 days earlier!
Dec 25 - Our son, Matt, is crazy about Christmas!!! He's up bright and early and can't WAIT to open gifts!! Once everyone was up and around, we read the Christmas story from Luke 2 and had a prayer of thanks f
or God's many blessings. Then the gift opening began!!! Pretty papers flew everywhere and squeals of joy were emitted frequently but delighted recipients. Breakfast followed with our egg casseroles and Jule Kaga - traditional Norwegian Christmas Bread (made into the most delightful toast!). Some sat and talked, others finished preparations for dinner, which was a big turkey dinner with all the fixings. I did some packing.
Dec 26 - we left MI and headed for Christmas, round 2 in Denver. Our travels were good, despite the wintry weather until the west side of Des Moines -- stopped for gas and a trucker said something about I 80 being closed at the Nebraska state line -- right where we were headed. We got back on the road but called our daughter, who checked it out on the internet and confirmed that the roads were closed. We called someone in Kansas City, thinking to drop down to I 70 -- they were getting a big snow storm -- no better that way. So we went back to Des Moines and spent the night -- oddly enough, we really slept long and h
ard -- but that was good -- would need it.
Dec 27 - checked internet, roads open in NE. Lots of travelers had been waiting to go that way so traffic was heavy. Roads were open but rough going in spots. It took us a hour to go 20 miles in one place. Over 700 miles later, we arrived in Denver -- to lots of hugs and kisses!!!
Dec 28 - kind of caught up -- with family, with rest. Played with grandkids. Just "chillaxed".
Picked up a few groceries with the kids. Unpacked the car.

Dec 29 - I made Gingerbread cookies with Ellie. She's 5 and this has become a Christmas ritual for the 2 of us. We both wear our Christmas aprons and this year, she helped me mix, cut and decorate. Precious!! This was the night to celebrate our Christmas together too. So, turkey round 2, with all the fixings -- good thing we LIKE that stuff!! The weather was a bit more cooperative in Denver, so we went out looking at Christmas lights. At one stop, there was a sign in the yard to tune the radio to a particular station -- they were playing Christmas music and the lights on the house were keeping time!!! It was SO cool!! Then we went home and opened gifts. When the munchkins were put to bed, the games came out. Nice day!

Dec 30 - An area bowling alley had open bowling for .99 per game ... so we were right on it! For the rest of the day, we were lazy... played more table games...and it was fun!
Dec 31 - Our daugh
ter, Laura, came down with the flu. The rest of us watched football and pretty much had another day of lazy. We all went (except Laura) to the home of one of their friends for subs, snacks and fellowship -- nice evening but with Laura home alone, we cut it off early. Went home to be with her, watched a movie, kissed at midnight.
Jan 1 - Rose Parade in the morning, then football, football, football. I made "power grazing" snacks (appetizer/finger foods). Laura was still under the weather.
Jan 2 - Laura felt better .. and was ready to get out. Our daughter, Amy, would have to go to work that afternoon but we were all able to do a little shopping in the morning. One of the Christmas electronics wasn't working -- needed to be replaced. Grandpa got a Sirius radio and wanted an extra antenna for his truck. Lunch all together at Chili's. Home for more football and table games.

Jan 3 - Sunday morning we workshipped with our children -- great service! Lunch at Outback. Amy had to go to work. For the rest of us, more football and games. I did a bit of packing.
Jan 4 - We left Denver to make the 2 day trip home. Weather was nice (although very cold .. and we knew there was a storm chasing us) and we made over 700 miles.
Jan 5 - arrived home (after another 500 miles) to find that our furnace wasn't working and our water lines were frozen. The furnace problem turned out to be in the thermostat -- got it fixed and turned on the heat but it was SO cold, so late and no water. Spent another night in a motel.
Jan 6 - Water lines were thawed when we got home. The only leak we've found is in the valve for the toilet. Fixed. Looking for others, but so far, so good. While he was at it, Keith also found the problem for the frig -- it's fixed too. So everything is back up and running.
And life is resuming a more normal pace.


Penrose Designs said...

Wow! Definately not boring! What a wonderful time you had. You are so blessed to be able to celebrate your Christmas with family. That light show was wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

Angie's Design Shop said...

Sounds like you had a great trip!! Glad you made it back safely!!

PACountry said...

WOW! You were really busy! Sounds like you were surrounded by family- that is great!