Thursday, January 21, 2010

My First Impressions

Well, I went to my first Bridal Show today.  It was a small one held in a local venue frequently used for receptions.  I had expected the usual variety of photographers, caterers, bridal shops, florists and disc jockeys and I wasn't disappointed.  There were a couple cosmetic vendors, a spa and a local winery.  One of the things distinctly missing from this show was jewelry -- only one jeweler there and he was primarily selling rings.  At this particular show, no one was selling accessories or jewelry, which surprised me a bit ... and makes me wonder why.  A friend went with me and one of the vendors turned out to be someone she knew .. so we felt comfortable asking questions.  We asked about the booth size, what was provided and fees -- all fairly reasonable by the standards that I've been seeing.

I haven't made any decisions about whether I will pursue this option, but I have a little more information to work with.  One consideration is that a bridal show may not recover it's investment on the day of the show -- it's really a place where potential customers are able to browse and see what services and choices are available but most customers do not BUY at the show.  So if I do this, I need to figure out some way to follow up on potential customers.  A lot of vendors were doing a drawing for a free gift -- so those signing up fill in their contact information on their drawing slip.  Some vendors had sign up sheets on a clip board... not sure I like that one.  Have to give that more thought ... develop a good plan.  And if I do this, I definitely need to develop a more "boutique" looking display.  My display needs to look neat, elegant and professional with a touch of romantic.  We definitely want different "layers" or elevations -- the jewelry guy only had flat trays full of rings on tables -- actually looked a little "flea market".  Need to use color very carefully ... and need to know what the "hot new colors" are for this season.  Someone suggested draping a few pieces of fabric in the trendiest colors to accentuate jewelry of that color. 

I plan to go to another show this weekend ... we'll see how it differs and continue to consider different ideas.  This market has the potential of really working for me ... but I have some serious planning and thinking to do.


DHElegance said...

This is great information! And definately an option to look into :)
Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Praying for you to have wisdom...your jewelry is beautiful!